New American School Board Journal article examines disproportionality in urban school districts

Disproportionality in urban school districts, specifically as it relates to instruction, is the focus of a new American School Board Journal (ASBJ) article out this month. The article, “Urban districts strive to solve disproportionality in their schools,” features several experts from across the U.S. who share ways districts are addressing this issue—one of those experts, is PCG’s own Dr. Jennifer Meller.  According to the article, minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged students are more likely to be identified for special education than any other students. Meller argues that by implementing culturally responsive interventions, schools can begin to address this overrepresentation in special education programs.

Dr. David Kirkland, Executive Director of the NYU Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools and a featured speaker at PCG’s second annual New Jersey Special Education Summit, was also cited in the article. Click here to read the full ASBJ article.

Reducing disproportionality in New Jersey schools was the focus of PCG’s New Jersey Special Education Summit, for which Dr. Meller co-authored a white paper with Matthew Korobkin (Princeton) that

  • highlights the root causes of disproportionality;
  • discusses related policy, procedural, and practice issues both within the local New Jersey context and nationally; and,
  • offers recommendations and strategies that districts can employ to begin resolving disproportionality. 

Visit to access a copy of the white paper.

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