White Paper: The Special Education Transformation Approach

PCG’s latest white paper, Getting to Effectiveness: The Special Education Transformation Approach, was released today at the third New Jersey Special Education Annual Summit focused on teaching, learning, and leading in an inclusive world.

Co-authored by Dr. Jennifer Meller, Associate Manager, and Matthew Korobkin, Senior Advisor for Special Education Services, the white paper serves as a resource for schools and districts as they navigate the complex regulatory trends that are significantly impacting special education.

Specifically, the authors examine:

  • Why the current landscape requires school districts to shift the focus of their special education programs from compliance to results
  • How schools and districts can get to results-driven effectiveness by leveraging people, processes, and cultural mindset
  • The four distinct phases involved in PCG’s Special Education Results-Driven Transformation Model: the paperwork phase, the efficiency phase, the compliance phase, and the effectiveness phase

A free copy of the white paper can be downloaded here. For more information, read the full press release here.

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